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*If this is an emergency, please dial 911*


Emergency Management Contacts

  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency  

Brookline Emergency Management Ph: 617-730-2112

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BrookONline enables real-time collaboration with citizens, 'deputizing' mobile users to become the town's eyes and ears. Citizens report potholes, graffiti, and other issues from anywhere in the town using their mobile phone.


The BrookONline app is also available for mobile devices on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.



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Contact Us

Assessor's Office

Ph: 617-730-2060

Fx: 617-739-7572

Building Department

Ph: 617-730-2100

Fx: 617-739-7542

Comptroller's Office

Ph: 617-730-2022


Council on Aging

Ph: 617-730-2777


Diversity, Inclusion & Community Relations

Ph: 617-730-2326

Fx: 617-730-2388

Emergency Management

Ph: 617-730-2112


Finance Department

Ph: 617-730-2020


Fire Department

For Emergencies please dial 911!

Ph: 617-730-2272

Fx: 617-730-2723

Health Department

Ph: 617-730-2300


Human Resources Office

Ph: 617-730-2120

Fx: 617-739-7519

Information Technology Office

Ph: 617-730-2003


Library (Main Library)

Ph: 617-730-2370

Parks & Open Space

Ph: 617-730-2088


Planning & Community Development

Ph: 617-730-2130

Fx: 617-730-2442

Police Department

For Emergencies please dial 911!

Ph: 617-730-2222

Fx: 617-730-8454

Public Works

Ph: 617-730-2156


Purchasing Division

Ph: 617-730-2195

Fx: 617-264-6446

Recreation Department

Ph: 617-730-2069



Ph: 617-730-2028

Fx: 617-730-2298

Schools (Central Administration)

Ph: 617-730-2401

Fx: 617-730-2601

Selectman's Office

Ph: 617-730-2200


Town Administrator

Ph: 617-730-2200


Town Clerk

Ph: 617-730-2010

Fx: 617-730-2043

The Office of Town Counsel

Ph: 617-730-2190

Fx: 617-264-6463


Ph: 617-730-2177


Veterans' Services

Ph: 617-730-2112



Other Town Websites

Brookline Public Library

Brookline Recreation

The Public Schools of Brookline


Useful Applications

You may also download the WhereAmI application for mobile devices at the Google Play Store or The Apple App Store